UPSC course during Covid

5000 Indians join UPSC course with Catalyst Group in just a week

Key Highlights: Paradigm shift of Students towards UPSC and SSC courses in recent turbulent times Technology being made accessible to remote areas of India Mumbai,...

How has the pandemic changed the lives of recently passed graduates?

The lives of recent and prospective graduates are greatly affected by COVID-19. Unemployment is increasing, companies are prohibiting the recruitment and the world economy is...
new library celebration on teachers' day

Opening of the new library at ’Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad’ on Teachers’ Day

Kolkata 5th September 2020: The library at ‘Bhartiya Bhasha Parishad’, the distinguished literary organization of the country has been modernized during the Corona pandemic, keeping in...
Sirius the Spellinc Cat

LINC is all set to host an all-digital, Pan India Spellinc 2020-21

Every year, Spellinc welcomes thousands of students for an exciting inter-school spelling competition, held by Linc Pen and Plastics Limited, one of India’s largest...
missing schools children

Missing schools can be more dangerous than coronavirus

The schools had been closed across the globe as a measure to fight against the pandemic. It was just for the mere fact that...
The pandemic has been disruptive and bewildering for everyone, but especially for children

Most of the parents want to send their children to school during pandemic

The pandemic has been disruptive and bewildering for everyone, but especially for children. It has been almost six months in absence of a normal...
Assam schools waive off 25% on fees

Slash in school fees by 25% says Assam Govt

Assam Govt Asks Private Schools to Slash Fees by 25% Effective from May till ropening Assam government Principal Secretary in-charge of Elementary and Secondary...
NEP 2020

Will the NEP 2020 change the Indian education system?

The National Education Policy-2020 received cabinet approval on July 29. Modes of teaching and learning resources have been redesigned for online and distance education....
Child labour Post lockdown

Increase in Child Labour post Lockdown

Raju, an 8-year-old boy, who studied in a government school last year is searching for work. This is the plight of the plenty of...
Lockdown IWhat is the Impact on lockdown for Next Generation

Is Lockdown likely to impact an entire generation?

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly left an impact on the performance of companies across the universe and has made an impact on the entire generation....

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