A mystery of the discovery of the eighth continent by scientists...

We have heard from our childhood that there are total 7 continents in the world. But do you know that the actual number of continents...



Indian women homeowners day

Celebrating Indian Women as Homeowners

Previously a male prerogative, homeownership in India has undergone a massive cultural and perceptual change. More and more Indian women are now determined to...
women homebuyers India survey

Women Emerge as Key Homebuyers, ~71% Want Ready Homes

For 62% women, Indian real estate is the preferred investment asset class for investment; in contrast, 54% men chose it over the stock...
Real estate top luxury markets overview

Rental Appreciation Trumps Capital Price Growth in Top Luxury Markets Since 2014

Avg. rentals (for a min. 2,000 sq. ft. home) in top 7 cities' key luxury markets rose 17-26% in 7 years (2014 to...



covid-19 vaccine AstraZeneca

Coronavirus Vaccine: AstraZeneca is effective against Brazil variant

According to the study, Oxford designates that AstraZeneca is effective covid-19 vaccine against the brazil version. The primary data obtained from study conducted at Oxford...

India’s Covid-19 Battle is not ended yet

Coronavirus cases have been falling for the past few months. Even the cases were under control for the last few months. But the new strain...
latest bridal blouse designs

Top 5 Bridal Blouse Trends that will make you look like a diva on...

Weddings. Any indian wedding, whether a big fat one or an intimate ceremony, requires alot of planning. If you are getting married this year,...

Recruitment in the New Normal: Disruption or Myth?

New Delhi, March 4, 2021: As the economy gradually unlocks and businesses go back to a semblance to a pre-pandemic normal, there is a growing...
utilise your time effectively

10 ways to effectively utilise your time in a good way

Time is always a most precious thing because once it passes it never returns. Your time is your money, it is better to utilise your...
successful people

If You Are So Smart, Why Are Not You Rich?

It is not important that successful people are actually the most talented as well. Successful people are the most fortunate. According to the new computer...
freelance content write

Freelance Writing – Increase Your Productivity and Increase Your Income

A freelancer is a self-employed person who is capable of doing different jobs for multiple clients at one time. They do short-time work and...



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Jeff Bezos Exits From Amazon, Andy Jassy will now take responsibility...

The founder and CEO of Amazon company Jeff Bezos became the richest man in the world. He started his company 30 years ago in...