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Friday, October 23, 2020
man infected twice from coronavirus

A man gets infected twice from the coronavirus

A person who belongs to the United States has received the coronavirus twice. According to doctors, the second infection is more dangerous than the first. A...
Brazil coronavirus updates

Brazil became another hotspot destination of Coronavirus, which broke all records

According to the Brazilian Health Minister, the number of people in Brazil was reduced due to coronavirus. Brazil is the second-largest coronavirus country in the...
Coronavirus death cases decreasing in India

The pandemic in India is gradually decreasing

There are more than 6500000 cases in India and more than 100000 deaths in a country. India has an average of over 64000 cases per...
Grace smith hypnotist

How this woman addicted to smoking established a global hypnosis firm

Grace Smith is an American hypnotist who was highly addicted to alcohol and smoking. She was able to quit alcohol but it seems impossible...
benefits and side effects of Mulethi (Licorice)

A man in the United States died consuming excessing Mulethi (Licorice)

People are always fond of using natural remedies for anything but what you are taking should not be too much otherwise it will make...
plastic surgery in lockdown

Why plastic surgery demand is increasing in lockdown?

In this lockdown period, most people do their work through video calls from their homes. This is the sight of our own faces. It is quite...
Success story of Jules Miller, NUE

Another success story of a sick woman, how she set up a global firm:...

Jules Miller had become so ill because she had internal bleeding, she was tired, bloated because she was not living her normal life due...
pumping breast milk

Some people are using breastmilk for bodybuilding! Is it really beneficial for adults?

Breastmilk one of the healthiest and nutrient-rich food sources produced by newborn mothers. Breastmilk contains the necessary fat, proteins for a baby which makes them...
Phsycotherapy – Talk therapy

This Delhi-based health-tech startup launched Talk Therapy to promote Mental Wellness

Delhi-based health-tech startup VentAllOut (VAO) which is already in the service to promote vent your feelings or concerns related to mental health has launched Talk...
Periods in women

Why is open talk on periods still a concern in India?

Since ancient times, menstruation has become the biggest issue for women in India. Menstrual hygiene is one of the biggest killers of India. Instead...

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