India coronavirus vaccine

India is the largest buyer of Coronavirus Vaccine in the world with 1.6 billion...

India has a population of about 135 crore people. Due to the large population, the virus is also spreading rapidly here. Every country is starting to...
Coronavirus vaccination to start in Russia next week

Coronavirus vaccination to start in Russia next week – Putin order

Russian President Putin ordered officials to start the Coronavirus vaccination in his country from next week. He called for the work to be organized so...
Sputnik V vaccine

This coronavirus vaccine will likely to available from January

According to RDIF, Sputnik V vaccine to be available from January 2021. There will be an abundant supply of vaccines available from January. The public is...
Scotland free sanitary products

Scotland – The first country to provide free sanitary products

Scotland has become the first country in the world to take advantage of free sanitary products for all, such as sanitary pads and tampons. Period...
Oxford coronavirus vaccine

Oxford Coronavirus vaccine is 70% effective

The vaccine developed by the University of Oxford is highly effective against the coronavirus. This can be said by the trials of thousands of people. According...
Food packaging from cucumber

Researchers developed Eco-friendly food packaging from cucumber peels!

Researchers at IIT Kharagpur have developed environmentally friendly food ingredients from cucumber peels! This is great research because according to team members cucumber peels contain...
baby boy born with double penis

A baby boy born with double penis and two scrotums in Egypt

A Baby Born with double penis and two scrotums in Egypt! It is very shocking news that a baby was born with double penis and...
Narayana Murthy Infosys

Infosys Co-founder Narayana Murthy says coronavirus vaccines should be free to everyone

Narayana Murthy is a well-known personality in the world, he is the Co-founder of Infosys. He said that companies can bear the cost of the...
paper industry future predictionspaper industry future predictions

How Paper is helping to Fight Coronavirus

People understand the usefulness of paper well. The paper is very useful in many ways such as recording a book. There are billions of books...
Covid vaccine test

Covid vaccine shows 95% protection against coronavirus

The result came from Pfizer which actually gives positivity about the covid vaccine. The company Pfizer used a highly innovative and great experimental approach to...

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