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Wednesday, December 11, 2019


It is Innovation category which contains all innovative news from different sectors such as technology, cloud computing, data security, mobile & gadgets, games, science, social media, Artificial intelligence & Big Data, Cybersecurity, Braintree, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, E-commerce, Healthcare, Consumer Tech, and new innovation rules.

frog butterfly risk analysis

How Data and Risk Analysis can help businesses make informed decisions

An integral part of a business organization is analysis. There are quite a number of aspects to be analyzed and decided upon for a...
Facebook anouncement for WhatsApp ambit

Business on Whatsapp…Facebook plans to enhance the Whatsapp ambit

Ever since Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg acquired WhatsApp, the company has been trying to get a return on their humungous $19 billion investment. As...
Digital marketing Startups image

Digital Marketing Hacks for Startups: Go from Zero to Hero

Are you running a startup or small business? Have you ever thought about the most important part of your digital marketing strategy? Well, as...
Make Brand on Social Media

Want to Make your Brand? Here are Best Tips to Make Personal Brand on...

There is hardly anyone in the world who is not aware of social media or does not do it. A few years ago, social...
affiliate marketing

How Affiliate Marketing is a Source of Income

Today we will talk about affiliate marketing in this blog that how money can be earned with it. According to the information I have...
Earn Money from Facebook

How to earn Money on Facebook

Facebook is the world's number one social media site. Today, millions of people are using Facebook. Do you know that Facebook is a great...
SEO for Business

Reason Why SEO is Important for Business 2018

We all know about  SEO. What is SEO? Now I’m going to tell why SEO is important for business? SEO is one of the...
Google algorithm history

History of Google Algorithm Update changes till now 2018

Google has a long history of its famous algorithm updates, search index variations and refreshes. In the '90s, the search engine was not as...

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