stay warm in this chilly winter

How to stay warm in this chilly winter!

There is no doubt in saying that this time the winter has reached on its peak. "It is one of the coldest winter in...
limit your sugar intake

Why should you limit your sugar intake?

We all kow that sugar is the most loved things for everyone, especially for children. Children love to eat chocolates and sweets but due...
business hotels in india

Slow pace for business hotels in India

According to data from metro cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, there has been a weekly decline of 12%. The recovery...
New coronavirus cases India

14 more cases of new coronavirus have been reported in India

The new coronavirus strain cases have been reported in India. The total number of new coronavirus cases now stands at 20. The cases were between 6...
Travel industry trends 2021

Travel Trends for 2021: What are in demands?

Staycations are short holiday trip which people now more preferring these times instead of choosing long holidays people go with staycations. The coronavirus pandemic...
women suffer more with anxiety and depression

A study reveals that women suffer more from depression, anxiety during coronavirus isolation

According to IANS reports, women suffer more from anxiety, depression during coronavirus isolation. Even women suffer more than men with less sleep, anxiety, depression, and...
Married women happy life

Women are happier without children or husbands, says happiness expert

Women can be happier alone. Yes this is true. Even studies show that unmarried women are better than separated, widowed and divorced women. This...

Infected People Should Also Take Vaccine – Biotech Chairman

According to Bharata Biotech Chairman Krishna Alla, people who are infected with the coronavirus should also take the vaccine. The vaccine is important for greater...
Coronavirus vaccination for employees

Vaccination is compulsory for every employee, if you refuse, your employer may fire you

Soon companies are going to give Coronavirus vaccine to every employee. Coronavirus vaccination will be compulsory for every employee according to the employment act. It will...
total number of coronavirus cases in India

India becomes the most coronovirus infected country after America

The number of coronavirus cases in India cross more than 1 Crore. India became the second most affected country of Coronavirus after the US. The coronavirus...

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