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Friday, October 23, 2020
plastic waste

Canada banned single-use of plastic from 2021

Canada is going to ban the single-use of plastic in late 2021. Their target plastic items are six-pack rings, target stir sticks, cutlery, and...
Delhi air quality index

Forecast: Delhi’s air quality may deteriorate from Monday, due to burning of stub.

The air quality of Delhi is slowly deteriorating due to increasing weather conditions and cases of stub burning and is likely to worsen by...
Plant-based milk oat milk

How plant-based milk will occupy the entire market by 2030

The Uk based companies are going to produce only oat milk by 2030 to reduce their carbon emissions. Canadian Dairy giant Saputo Inc. after announcing...
Social distancing

How social distancing marks are changing the world

Some unusual marks appeared on the ground in cities such as Paris. There is a new blue and white wave-shaped trail dotted on the...

California shattered badly by numerous major crisis Dry lighting, Wildfire, Covid19

California is one of the states which has experienced the worst ever year. Amidst the pandemic fight, the State has seen a lot of...
How to reuse medical wastes?

How do we deal with medical wastes?

Since the past 65 years, about 8.3 billion tons of plastics have been produced worldwide, which is equivalent to 10,000 Eiffel Towers or 35,000...
agenda for renewable energy and the need to maintain a balance between development and the environment

Why does PM announce Project Lion?

While addressing the nation on the eve of Independence Day, the prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi talked about Project Lion. Why does PM announce...
EIA 2020: An Analysis

EIA 2020: An Analysis- Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)

The window for public feedback on the contentious draft Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) notification closed on 11 August. According to a report in the...
most polluted cities in the world

Top 10 Most Polluted Cities in the World with the Worst Air Pollution

The world is facing challenges for pollution, air pollution is a major problem in the world. It kills more than 1 million people every...
COVID 19 Lockdown: Reconnecting to Indian Cultural Roots

COVID 19 Lockdown: Reconnecting to Indian Cultural Roots

The COVID-19 Lockdown has proven that Indian cultural tradition cannot be monopolized and appropriated by anyone particular political dispensation. Indian culture is more syncretic...

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