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Friday, October 23, 2020
father swamy arrested on charges of terrorism

An 83-year-old man arrested on charges of terrorism

Father Swamy is an eighty-three-year-old man, he is the oldest person in the country who is associated with terrorism. Father Swamy was arrested from...
7th continent Antarctica

What will happen to the 7th continent of the world?

The coronavirus is a major concern for the Antarctica tourist industry of the 7th continent, but it is great for the antique because it...
Brazil coronavirus updates

Brazil became another hotspot destination of Coronavirus, which broke all records

According to the Brazilian Health Minister, the number of people in Brazil was reduced due to coronavirus. Brazil is the second-largest coronavirus country in the...
Extinction of Whales

Why is the threat of whale extinction a concern for humans?

Many scientists and conservationists from over 40 countries need global action to protect whales, dolphins, and porpoises from their discontent. According to scientists and conservationists,...
Online Friendship

How Coronavirus is Re-shaping Friendship

Lying of coronaviruses is actually shaping friendship and social networks. Before the lockdown, we go to theaters, dance classes, gyms, etc. where we can spend...
plastic waste

Canada banned single-use of plastic from 2021

Canada is going to ban the single-use of plastic in late 2021. Their target plastic items are six-pack rings, target stir sticks, cutlery, and...
are languages gender based

Are languages based on gender or sex?

Every language has some different style and different rules when it comes to gender, so how does it see the world. Let's see. Every language...
Dalit women gang rape hathras

Hathras case: Why Dalit Women are the most ill-treated in the world?

Dalits are the most afflicted caste class in the world, mainly because they are poor and low caste. Women should focus on all these...
Hathras Dalit Woman Gang-raped case

Hathras case: Is the Indian state police trying to suppress the whole case?

Manisha Valmiki, a 19-year-old Dalit woman, was allegedly gang-raped and tortured. The forensic report said that the reason for her death was due to...
characteristics of successful people

The most unusual characteristics of successful people you must see

Whenever we see someone who is successful in their life, we always want to be like this, we wish we could be like this....

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