Neeraj Gupta Meru cabs

Jobless man borrows 50,000 from his wife for business, in a few years his...

Marriage is a long-term relationship of two people in which they promised to be together for each other in good and bad times. We have...
India most corrupt country in Asia

According to the Global Survey, India is the most corrupt country in Asia

India is a country of culture, tradition, and morality. But apart from this, India is also a country which has the highest corruption rate in...
Coca-cola paper bottle

Drinking Coca-Cola from Paper Bottle can be real!

A move by the Coca-Cola company to protect against plastic waste and its harmful effects, so they soon decided to ban the plastic bottle. As...
domestic violence against women amid lockdown

Fears of rise in domestic violence against women amid lockdown

Israeli PM said that no one had the authority to beat women. He speaks about domestic violence against women that how oppressed women face abusive,...
Dubai ruler's ex-wife Princess Haya had affair with her bodyguard!

Dubai ruler’s ex-wife Princess Haya had affair with her bodyguard!

Princess Haya is a former wife of the Dubai ruler. She was the sixth wife of Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum. But according to recent news,...
Ganga Expressway - Varanshi to Prayagraj

Varansi to Prayagraj India’s longest expressway – Ganga Expressway

Our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the longest expressway in India on 30 November. The longest expressway is named Ganga Expressway. Ganga Expressway is...
Food packaging from cucumber

Researchers developed Eco-friendly food packaging from cucumber peels!

Researchers at IIT Kharagpur have developed environmentally friendly food ingredients from cucumber peels! This is great research because according to team members cucumber peels contain...
Hindu temple found in Pakistan

1300-years-old ancient Hindu temple discovered in northwest Pakistan

An ancient Hindu temple was discovered in Pakistan. The temple was discovered at Barikot Ghundai. It is believed that the temple was built by Pakistani and...
UP strict law against love Jihad

Coming soon: UP Government’s Strict Law Against Love Jihad

Soon a new and strict law will be made against Love Jihad in Uttar Pradesh. The declaration comes after a law against Love Jihad in...
baby boy born with double penis

A baby boy born with double penis and two scrotums in Egypt

A Baby Born with double penis and two scrotums in Egypt! It is very shocking news that a baby was born with double penis and...

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