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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Meet the “Badass” Beauty Queen That China Fears the Most

Anastasia Lin was born in China but moved to Canada when she was 13 and has since become a Canadian citizen. She was chosen...
How to do Gym in a right way

How to do Gym in a right way

Adapting the routine of work out(GYM) has not just become a part of our modern lifestyle but also it is a very essential element...
Super model Pooja exercise Falun Dafa meditation

Mumbai Fashion Models Attracted By Falun Dafa Meditation

Today's youth is very much enamored by the world of modeling and fashion. While it requires discipline, hard work, and patience to succeed in...
key benefits of play to a child’s development

4 Key Benefits of Play in Child Development

Experts say that play is crucial to a child’s development — so important that in Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the...
spinal problems

Rise in incidences of spinal problems among youngsters

New Delhi:  Due to a sedentary lifestyle and prolonged sitting working hours, there is a sudden rise in the incidences of spinal problems among...
Unknown Benefits of Cocoa for Health Care Industry

Magical and Unknown Benefits of Cocoa for Health Care Industry

The sweet and at times bitter taste of chocolate is known worldwide and is one of the most prominent flavors. Chocolate is produced using...
Moderate Exercise can improve your chances of normal delivery

Moderate Exercise can improve your chances of normal delivery

Guwahati: With the vastly changing lifestyle and the depleting manual household work, moderate exercise has become very important for pregnant women. Exercise, as instructed by...
Preventive surgery of a 37-year-old Riti from breast cancer

37-year-old woman susceptible to breast cancer risk undergoes preventive surgery

Ghaziabad, 19th September 2019 – Positive family support and best of medical advice helped a 37-year-old Riti from West Delhi’s Janakpuri take a very...
Child taking Sufficient Nutrition

Sufficient Nutrition is a right of every child

New Delhi: Despite such growth and improvement in reducing child stunting, India is still with around 46.6 million stunted children and is home to...
Hunchback in Children

Digital screen addiction leads to ‘Kyphosis’ in children

A 16-year young boy studying in 11 standards in Delhi had been experiencing a hunchback deformity for the last 3 years. His deformity was so...

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