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Friday, October 23, 2020
Child labour Post lockdown

Increase in Child Labour post Lockdown

Raju, an 8-year-old boy, who studied in a government school last year is searching for work. This is the plight of the plenty of...
Lockdown IWhat is the Impact on lockdown for Next Generation

Is Lockdown likely to impact an entire generation?

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly left an impact on the performance of companies across the universe and has made an impact on the entire generation....
top famous temples in India

Top 10 Famous Temples in India which are known for their popularity

India is the country which is well known for its beauty, great architecture, and culture. There are many beautiful and calm places for worship...
Pang of losing of Liberty – A story about a King and a Parrot

Pang of losing of Liberty – A story about a King and a Parrot

Today, I have become 22 years old but with deep sorrow and shedding tears from my eyes and telling that 20 years of my...
Woman's Guide To Buying A House

Woman’s Guide To Buying A House

In today’s world, women are becoming independent and financially stable, they’re not depending on anyone for their dreams and desires. Women are breaking stereotypes by...
tips for newly married couples

Top 10 Must Haves For Newly Married Couples

It is very exciting to be a newly married couple because it is time for honeymoon and new things together. Sometimes marriage advice is also...
Gift ideas for girlfriend on first date

15 Gift Ideas To Impress Your Girlfriend On First Date

Choosing a gift for your girlfriend on your first date is a difficult task for every male if you don't know her choice and...
Money management tips

6 money management mistakes that you should avoid

Managing finances efficiently is a major milestone while growing up. Initially, when you are dependent on a guardian for all money-related issues, it doesn't...
Indian startups forecast

What Awaits the Indian Startup Culture in 2020 and Beyond: Trends and Predictions

Small businesses and startups are crucial for a healthy economy. That is why market-oriented reforms are continually boosting entrepreneurial activity in India. According to recent...
New Business Opportunities

How to Convert Pandemic into an Opportunity: Business Tips

The COVID-19 epidemic has ruthlessly affected many of our businesses. But it is time to think about new business opportunities rather than thinking about...

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