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Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Coronavirus: Why we cannot trust on Chinavideo

Coronavirus: Why We Cannot Trust China

The novel coronavirus, now also known as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, has spread to more than 170 countries around the world in...
effects of coronavirus on global markets

Effects of coronavirus on global markets

About a month ago it was assumed that the novel coronavirus would be a localized problem of China and the situation would be manageable...
coronavirus virus pandemic china

Love in the time of Wuhan coronavirus?

With the fear psychosis gripping the world and almost every country spewing venom and racist sentiments against Asian communities in some places, one young...
birth tourism USA

US has implemented visa rules on ‘birth tourism’ for pregnant women

WASHINGTON: The Trump administration on Thursday distributed new visa rules planned for limiting "birth tourism", where ladies travel to the US to give birth...
Middlebrook refuses $60 million offer

Would you refuse $60 million offered to you?

"Make him an offer he can’t refuse" is the best-known line from The Godfather, the book and the film. But what made Jeffrey Van Middlebrook,...
Taiwan gain most from US-China trade war

Taiwan gain most from US-China trade war

During the US-China trade war, when the world economy is slowing down, there are some countries that are benefiting the most from this trade...
organ harvesting parade China

World Human Rights Day Special – China Is Persecuting Its Religious Minorities

India, just like any other country in the world, maintains a policy of not interfering in China's internal affairs, but the Chinese Communist Party...
Experts views on world economy

Is world economy slowing down from first recession since 2009? Here is what experts...

The slowing down of the world economy is a big question in the financial market. On Friday, the US's partial trade agreement with China...
China's economic growth

China’s economic growth slips to 17-year low in August

The world economy is at a crisis due to the US-China trade war. Not only America and China were affected by this trade but...
America warns Pakistan not to think of retaliation against India

America warns Pakistan not to think of retaliation against India

After strict action on Articles 370 and 35A by the Government of India. Pakistan is not obstructing and tolerating this action taken by the...

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