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Saturday, June 6, 2020
Blockchain revolutionizing international trade

Can Blockchain revolutionize international trade?

We are in the middle of an unparalleled digital revolution. The WTO (World Trade Organization) introduced the World Trade Report of this year just...
China no longer US top trading partner

China no longer US top trading partner – says media report

Due to ongoing US-china trade war, China is no longer US top trading partner. According to a media report, China has been replaced by...
effects of coronavirus on global markets

Effects of coronavirus on global markets

About a month ago it was assumed that the novel coronavirus would be a localized problem of China and the situation would be manageable...
China's GDP rate 2019: US-China trad war

China’s GDP rate slumps to 6.2%, the lowest level of 27 Years

The danger ring has begun for the world's second-largest economy. Growing up in the trade war with the US, China's GDP rate has dropped...
documents required for H1B Visa

US H1B Visa- What India wants from Trump

Susma Swaraj recently had a meeting with Secretary of Defense & Secretary of state arrived in India. Discussion made about Security concern, trade &...
China's economic growth

China’s economic growth slips to 17-year low in August

The world economy is at a crisis due to the US-China trade war. Not only America and China were affected by this trade but...
Trump says India is a polluted country, there is no clean air and water.

Donald Trump says India is a polluted country. There is no understanding of clean...

Britain, PTI Prime Minister Narendra Modi's friend and India's most confided in a partner, whenever asked, has given a major statement about India. US...
Taiwan gain most from US-China trade war

Taiwan gain most from US-China trade war

During the US-China trade war, when the world economy is slowing down, there are some countries that are benefiting the most from this trade...
top 10 business news of the day

Top 10 Business News of the Day

Here the latest top 10 business news of the day: HDFC bought 51% shares in Apollo Munich. The deal has been closed in 1036...

Why did Wuhan in China become the epicentre of the coronavirus?

Source: Youtube/FalunDafaIndia It is interesting to note that Liu Bowen, an ancient sage in the Ming Dynasty, predicted the time, location and susceptible population of the...

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