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Saturday, August 17, 2019
Sushma Swaraj Sends Stern Message to Pak

Act First…Sushma Swaraj Sends Stern Message to Pak

Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj did not let go of the opportunity of sending a stern message to Pak while being present in New York...
mueller investigation trump accused $6.7M dollar

Trump Impeachment Likely to be Certain following Mueller Investigation

On March 11, 2019, US Democrats have planned to release a Mueller investigation against President Trump. According to some reporters, the Mueller investigation could...
Pakistan prime minister not invited swearing-in on Prime minister of Narendra Modi

Pakistan does not invite ‘Do not Call Imran, India’s Compulsion’

This time Pakistan has not been invited to the Narendra Modi swearing-in ceremony that won in the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. For this,...
America ben Huawei, not to buy Huawei Products warns to India.

America warns Indian not to buy Huawei products

America has already opened the war with Iran. There is already running a trade war America-China. Now America wants to conflict India, the reason...
Blockchain revolutionizing international trade

Can Blockchain revolutionize international trade?

We are in the middle of an unparalleled digital revolution. The WTO (World Trade Organization) introduced the World Trade Report of this year just...

Bulgarian journalist raped and killed sending shockwaves across Europe

Young 30 year old Viktoria Marinova was set to enjoy an illustrious career in investigative reporting as the anchor of a talk show but...
top 10 business news of the day

Top 10 Business News of the Day

Here the latest top 10 business news of the day: HDFC bought 51% shares in Apollo Munich. The deal has been closed in 1036...
America warns Pakistan not to think of retaliation against India

America warns Pakistan not to think of retaliation against India

After strict action on Articles 370 and 35A by the Government of India. Pakistan is not obstructing and tolerating this action taken by the...
The World Bank has said in its Global Economic Prospects report that even in the following two financial years, India's development rate could be 7.5 percent.

World Bank relies on India’s fast economic growth

India (Business Desk) Despite the lazy authority GDP figures of the last quarter, the World Bank has kept India's development rate estimate for 7.5%...
world population land image

World Population To Touch 7,678,174,000 in 2019

World population is growing at an alarming rate and is slated to touch 7678174000 despite several efforts to control the population increase globally.  The...

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