Cyberbullying…Is Your Child Safe?

With Cyberbullying You Can't escape from it. Fifty-four percent of the kids who were bullied said they didn't know who was bullying them on the Internet.

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Cyberbullying… teens are not safe on the Internet. Image Source:

The internet and social media platforms are gaining popularity at an exponential rate for the ease of use and elaborate access. Children find these platforms useful to exchange their daily activities and pictures. WhatsApp and Instagram have become more popular than any other social media networks as these allow younger people to show off their latest clicks in a stylish manner. However, these networking sites also have a darker side. 

Encountering with bullying in the school premises is common but online bullying has become the latest trend. Smartphones are very common in the modern world, which has given birth to the activeness on social media platforms. Along with a hiked level of entertainment, these have promoted cyberbullying. In fact, a recent research has proved that cyberbullying is present in 28 countries. 

The study revealed that at least one out of five parents acknowledges their children being the victim of childhood bullying once in their lifetime. The series of incidences in India is worse as the parents have opened the darker side of the social media networks. 

37% of the Indian parents have admitted that their children were bullied online at least once. On the other hand, 14% of the parents have stated that their children encounter such incidents on a regular basis. Also, more than 25% of the parents in the US have admitted their children being the victim of cyberbullying which has risen from 15% in 2011. 

In Europe, the rate of cyberbullying is mixed as in the UK 17% of the parents have confirmed the incidents while 14% in Italy and 9% in France as well as Spain. However, this is not visible in Russia, which was only 9% in 2016.



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