Living in a Virtual World and Building Long-term Real Relationships

In the Virtual World, Lives and Feelings are measured not by the distance of miles but the reality of our desires.

Cyber glasses exploring virtual world

Cyber Glasses Exploring Virtual World. Photo Source: Pixabay.

With the fast-paced life and increasing intervention of digitization, along with the professional activities, personal life has also entered the virtual world. Now, people believe in meeting with friends on a virtual platform rather on a physical podium. This has not only elevated the ease of meeting with people living thousands of miles away but has also weakened the thread tying the two people in a bond. Have you ever thought to build a long-term relationship with the people with whom you are connected through a virtual network?

Booming sectors of online communities and social media have elaborated your network and connected with the people who sing to the tune of your passion and interests. Due to the lack of human touch, genuine relationships are hard to locate. However, if you know the key areas, not only will you be able to establish a fruitful relationship but will also succeed in maintaining the same with no exception.

Regardless of the professional and personal ambiance, you prefer connecting with the people who are aligned with your mental wavelength. However, to establish a successful professional relationship, it is important to look for the top three attributes, which are credibility, likeability, and transparency. These three factors allow the people to know you while building trust, mirroring your interests. 

Do you want to know the ways to demonstrate your qualities in the virtual networks so you can build strong and long-lasting relationships? Check the following steps:

Work on your bios

On a physical platform, your body language, approach, and way of speaking depict the kind of the person you are. However, this scope is non-existent on the online podiums. The social media sites, regardless of personal or professional, allow you to explain yourself in a short bio of 160 characters. 

Ensure to give a personal touch to the bios so the people can understand you well. To be precise, the social media bios are an elaborate version of greeting people face-to-face. Therefore, refrain from stating your achievements and utilize the limited space to attract the connections toward your life. Also, it is important to remember that your bio is the slim thread connecting you with the rest of the world. Hence, you must keep it transparent with a human touch. Make the people understand your values and perception towards life so they get a scope to share your thoughts and interests. While exploring the professional genre, make the profile more interesting than putting in the mundane job responsibilities. 

LinkedIn profile is highly rewarding for elaborating your areas of operation and connections. Focus on the first few words to make it more interesting and alluring so that the readers are compelled to click on the read more tab to know more about you. 

Among the aforementioned points, you must never forget to remain authentic. Fake profiles and flowery language may attract people towards you but the effect won’t last long. In fact, the genuine approach helps win the race against the odds. 

Believe in active discussions

In a professional meeting, lively discussions fetch fruitful outcome. Though the principle is not applicable to the world of networking, the perks of the objective can be enjoyed if you know how to tweak the available sources. To start with the active discussions, it is important to connect with the people sharing your interests and skills. Make the LinkedIn group your strength as it helps establish a fruitful medium that leads to the formation of an effective online professional group. Also, build a positive relationship with the connected people by liking, sharing, and commenting on their posts in other groups. This elaborates the network, building trust in the relationship. Also, never step back from appreciating the teamwork and conjugated activities with all heart. 

Establish social proof of Virtual World

You must have the capability to make the people aware of your presence. Rather than focusing on self-marketing, emphasize on marketing from a different source, which means that people will speak on your behalf. Therefore, let the world know about your credibility through an unbiased source so you enjoy the deserved attention. Take a look at the following elements that help you achieve the same:

  • Social actions– When you post content online, it is important to select the topic and the words describing the same cautiously. This ensures to fetch you more comments and likes, alluring the ideal audience. Remember, you must bestow more effort to foster the visibility as well as engagement than the effort you invested in creating content, regardless of a video for YouTube, presentation for SlideShare, or blog for LinkedIn. Make the audience glued to your content so it becomes a brand community. Also, never forget to express your gratitude to the people who have acknowledged your work, leading to a healthy and strong relationship. 
  • Testimonials– Recommendations and testimonials on any platform prove to be highly beneficial to build the trust in the people. Ask the people in your network to give you recommendations for the current role and also for the previous positions you have worked in. Along with a positive recommendation focus on the brands, the people are associated with. This will help you gather more attention and receive benefit from the same.

If you are wondering, whether it is important to develop a relationship in the virtual world or not, you will be amazed to learn the perks of the same. Let us check a few additional tips and tricks that will allow building a positive relationship online:

  • Always customize your messages before sending it across to the professional contacts in LinkedIn. This will give a personal touch along with explaining your professional expertise.
  • Utilize the gamut of advantages offered by the videos as these allow you to connect to the audience comprehensively. A video bio acts like personal interaction to help establish an elaborate and effective network. Also, meeting the connections via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other mediums prove to be more fruitful than the physical meetings. 
  • Remember to stay connected and active among your connections so you can nurture the existing network. Add to your to-do list in your calendar to never miss on the important activities and enhance the flavor of the relationship.
  • Tag your contacts in the posts to engage more audience. Also, this will motivate them to comment on your contents and share their feelings. 
  • Be liberal while expressing your gratitude and acknowledging the contribution of your connections to your posts. This will boost their interest to engage in your contents.
  • Amalgamate the real and virtual world so you can interlink every connection related to your profession on a single platform. Don’t distinguish between the real-life connections and virtual people which restrict you from establishing a long-term relationship with them.

Creating a long-term relationship with the people from the virtual world is difficult but is achievable. Follow the aforementioned tips and set your objectives accordingly. Also, amalgamate your soul with the practical approach to winning over the hearts of the people.


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