5 Methods of Performance Appraisal for Employees

A performance appraisal that is conducted effectively leads to greater employees morale, higher productivity, creating a positive culture and improve the overall performance and effectiveness of an organization.

methods of performance appraisal

The end of a financial year marks the time when the management sits in a conference room to discuss your performance appraisal.

Not only your data throughout the year is accumulated but also the words of mouth from your subordinates and peers are considered.

Similarly, you are also asked about the performance of your colleagues and their scopes to flourish in the future.

Don’t you think you deserve to gather knowledge on the way your peers think about you?

If yes, you must never refrain from understanding your performance in the hierarchy as well as in the team.

This will give you a genuine idea of the impression on the people surrounding you in the professional space. 

Do you feel appraisal is nothing but a procedure to increase your salary?

You must revise your perception as the appraisal is a scorecard that defines your performance in the company.

Also, this procedure depicts the thought of the management towards your potential. Won’t you put up an unmatched endeavor to represent your best performance? 

Every organization hikes the salary of the employees during the initiation of the fiscal year, based on the performance.

Being a professional, you must note that the comprehensive performance depends on the systems and other criteria. 

Take a look at the 5 best methods that will aid in performance appraisal:

1. Set realistic goals

The first method of performance appraisal is to set realistic goals. You must be aware of your strengths and highlight those to shine through the odds.

Also, it helps conceal the loopholes so your performance sharpens with time. This path will fetch an ultimate success by immersing you into the culture of performance appraisal.

Never opt for the targets that are unachievable and puts you down with the failures. Rather, make your strength sing through the competition so you gain confidence with time.

The realistic goals fetch an unexpected outcome, reflecting on your salary slip from the next month.

2. Believe in selfappraisal

According to ADP’s head of CSR and communications and HR, Vipul Singh, the procedure of self-appraisal is full-proof.

This helps you understand the core potential and unveils the gateways to fine-tune the existing skills. This also boosts confidence, helping you establish a respectable position in the organization.

Also, this takes you in a position to bargain with the management as you are aware of the potential.

Moreover, if you disagree with the management regarding the performance appraisal, you can ask them to revise the same or you may opt out of the position to secure a better position in a different organization.

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3. Never Compare

Comparison is a negative emotion that must never be encouraged. Focus on your skills and performance during the previous year to compare it with your performance in the current year.

As per Cipla’s Global Chief People Officer, Prabir Jha, self-assessment is the best way to move ahead in the career, attracting positive vibes and elevated success. In fact, comparison with the peers gives an unrealistic idea of the actual scenario, which must be avoided by any means.

Not a single person wants to develop a negative relationship with the colleague. Therefore, it is suggested to refrain from comparing your performance with the people surrounding you and start analyzing your performance from the core.

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4. Believe in conversation

Never step back from exchanging thoughts with your managers and peers. Effective performance appraisal can only take place if the manager and employees share a cordial relationship.

This leads to a satisfactory appraisal, preserving trust. Not only this allows you to share your thoughts on the appraisal but also helps improve the comprehensive performance that is based on the team performance.  

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5. Focus on Feedback

Always pick feedback from the managers as well as the peers to get a clear picture of your performance and impression.

Sometimes, even after offering the best performance from your end, you fail to live up to the expectations of the management and team.

Hence, during the performance appraisal, ask the manager about his reaction and thoughts on your performance.  

The prospect of appraisal fetches anxiety and excitement at the same time, elevating your adrenaline secretion.

Scrutinize your performance throughout the year and implement the in-depth strategies to not only shine through the challenges but also to establish as a competent employee and reliable peer in the organization.

These steps will automatically ensure you receive the highest appraisal.



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