12 simple tips for awesome selfies

The significance of a selfie is different for different people. For some, it is just a reason to feel happy, for some it is a professional requirement while for some it just is a timepass. Whatever it is, these 12 tips will help you get the best selfie possible.

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If you look at any youngster’s phone these days, chances are you will find hundreds of selfies in their gallery section. Generally speaking, a selfie is a picture of oneself taken using the front camera of a phone with the face being in focus. It may include a single person or a group as well, being called a groupie in that situation. Though the act of taking selfies is a relatively easy one, taking the one with perfect lighting and focus can become quite difficult. In fact, people tend to take so many selfies every time because they are not satisfied with their previous attempts. Taking Selfies are an esthetic way of self-representation in case you are a celebrity or a model or a simple person itself, mainly through social media. In the following article, a breezy discussion about the tip to be followed in order to become an expert in taking selfies is given.

Make sure that the lighting is perfect

Light is the best filter that you can apply on the face naturally and not pay for it. There is no substitute for sunlight. It adds a certain glow to the face and avoids any blemishes under the eyes. So, if you are planning for taking selfies, probably it is a good idea to step out under the Sun. In case that is not possible, look for a window which has a lot of light streaming in. Some people go one step extra and place a white paper under the chin as this reflects a white light and adds to the glow.

Do away with shadows

Shadows can spell disaster while taking selfies. It is a common rookie mistake that you can make as your hand and phone will be in front of your face and there is a chance that a shadow of it will fall on the face. When you are having difficulties, just put your face directly toward the Sun and your problem will be solved. The best time for taking selfies and avoid shadows are the golden hours which are generally during sunset as well as sunrise when the tone of the light is relatively low and balanced.

Be aware of the importance of flash and when to use it

Though natural sunlight and no shadows are the ideal tips for taking selfies what if it’s night or a closed room and you want to take a selfie. It is the right time to use a flash in such a situation. Snapchat comes with amazing features while taking such selfies. There is a small lightning bolt feature and when you take a selfie using this app, the screen lights up adequately and provides a glow to your face. Once the clicking is done, you will notice that though it is not as good as with natural light, it is the best that you can get in that particular situation. You can tone down a little according to your needs.

There is no substitute for a smile

The best selfies are the ones that have you with a bright and infectious smile on your face. A smile is a sign of positivity and emanates a happy feeling on a person seeing it. Make sure that the smile is as genuine as possible and should be from the heart. In case you don’t want to pose into a smile outrightly, make sure your eyes do the talking for you and smile through them. Experts believe that practicing in front of a mirror is the best way to perfect the smile.

Don’t stop at one, take a lot of selfies

It is difficult to get the perfect selfie by taking just one. Instead, take a burst of selfies in different angles and face positions and then you will have a lot of option to sit and choose from. There will be a variation in lighting as well. One potent trick is to take a video of yourself posing like selfies and then playing the whole thing and pausing and taking screenshots where you like it. No one will be able to understand too.

Use the right angles

One golden rule for taking selfies is to place the camera above and angle your chin downward. It is generally not a good idea to place the camera at a lower angle, very few people can pull that off. Ideally speaking, the level of the lower portion of the phone should be with the eye. It is also not advisable to look directly into the camera. Instead, place your face and eyes at an angle and look into it.

Use the correct filters and applications

Remember one thing, whatever you upload on the internet will remain there forever unless you make a special effort to take it down. Therefore, a picture that is aesthetically pleasing is of utmost importance. Valencia is one such filter that has got the maximum appreciation, though there are a number of others present on Instagram. Every picture will have a unique setting, so use filters accordingly. The applications you use to edit is also going to be crucial. There are platforms for Android and iOS like Snapseed, Facetune, Adobe Photoshop Fix etcetera which can correct the tiniest of blemishes from your face.

Avoid too much editing

Yes, editing is generally required for selfies but there is a fine line between it and over-editing. The applications have a number of options and extremes are possible as well, you have to know how to adjust and when to stop. When you over-edit, it tends to look artificial and takes the zing away from the picture. You can even choose a filter and regulate its strength for best results.

Make sure the background is good

Since a selfie is more zoomed in and on your face, the background will be clearly visible. Therefore, be careful of the background and what will get displayed. It also forms a good contrast to your face, so choose one that is most amiable.

Don’t give in to cliches

Just because a famous personality post selfies in a certain way, it doesn’t guarantee that it will suit you as well. Find your own suitable face angle and avoid such cliches as duckface and iPhone symbol selfies.

Don’t overthink and complicate it

If you stress out too much, there are more chances of the selfie not being as good as you want. Simplicity precedes complexity and it is applicable while taking selfies as well. Chuck all the complications and just relax and hit the capture button.

Natural expressions are the best for taking selfies

Nothing beats it. Just before taking selfies, switch on to a positive mindset, tell yourself that you are gonna look amazing, shout “yasss” in your head if you are feeling sassy and the result will be there for you to see.

The significance of a selfie is different for different people. For some, it is just a reason to feel happy, for some it is a professional requirement while for some it just is a timepass. Whatever it is, these 12 tips will help you get the best selfie possible.

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