Higher BMI Results cause Poor Physical and Mental Health

With the growing comfort and ease of access, people have become lazy, resulting in obesity.

belly fat higher BMI results

A lady fades up from his belly fat or high BMI cause the poor health. Image source: twitter

Obesity is a curse, which is inherited from the latest technologies and modernization. With the growing comfort and ease of access, people have become lazy, resulting in obesity. This situation has given rise to the severe health issues, which not only has depleted the life expectancy but has also contributed to the susceptibility to illness. 

Though the people have become highly cautious about their health, the cases of obesity are rising exponentially. The researchers and scientists are not leaving any stones unturned to solve the burning issue of the modern world. A recent study has clearly depicted that more the BMI or the Body Mass Index, more are the chances of physical and mental illness. 

The areas of the study were not only restricted to the physique but had also toggled the areas of heart health, body weight, and blood pressure. The researchers also checked whether or not the people with poor physical health were mentally satisfied. 

Claire Haworth, the Senior Author from the University of Bristol, the UK stated that the overweight or obese people are suggested to lose weight to enjoy a trouble-free physical health. However, the idea of attaining a sound health is not motivating enough for them to go ahead with the necessary countermeasures. 

She stated that the attaining more happiness and satisfaction in life can transform to become a great source of motivation which will not only enhance the enthusiasm in the individuals but will also boost the zeal to lose weight. 

The latest research involved a unique technique named Mendelian randomization, which focused on the relationship between the mental and physical health. The study was conducted with a motto to find if the lower mental well-being affected the physical health and vice versa. Since the effect of the same is visible in the long run, the study tried to cultivate the facts that would support the perception. 

This is a splendid technique that identifies the evidence related to the direction of causation by utilizing the genetic variants, which are interrelated to the mental and physical health. The research team considered 11 measures of the physical condition that included heart attack, coronary artery disease, blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI or body mass index, body fat, and others.

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The test results clearly stated that a higher BMI(Body Mass Index) has a consistent effect on the mental well-being. The researchers couldn’t locate the other conditions of the physical health that affected the satisfaction and happiness of a human’s life.

In fact, the outcome also matched with another research conducted on 300,000 people, aged between 40 and 70 years. This research was based on the UK Biobank group. Claire Haworth stated that the research has concluded that the raising concerns of obesity must be controlled with immediate effect which will ensure to eradicate the chances of being less happy and not satisfied with the life.



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