Top 30 Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2019

It is true that if you love doing something then it will give you the most benefits than any other field. We have some travel bloggers who have proven that nothing is better than your own field, so do what you want to do.

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For some, travel is to go to new places or enjoy destinations, but for some, travel is their passion, their lifestyle and more. Likewise, here are some of the best travel bloggers, for them travel is an experience, it doesn’t matter where are you going whether it is familiar or new one, we could learn new things at every place.

And, it is true that if you love doing something then it will give you the most benefits than any other field. We have some travel bloggers who have proven that nothing is better than your own field, so do what you want to do. Here is a list of the best travel bloggers in the world and their massive income that will inspire you to do something,

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1. Matt Kepnes

Website: Nomadic Matt

Matt Kepnes of Nomadic Matt

The first name on this list is of Nomadic Matt, he is the founder of According to the New York Times, he is the best-selling author of ‘How to Travel the World on the $ 50 A Day’.

Matt helps travelers travel in an easy and convenient way through his tips and guides, and also answers traveler’s questions. His guides are very popular and worthy.

Before getting into the travel profession, Matt was just doing a cubicle job. Nomadic Matt has been featured on the world’s top media such as New York Time, Forbes, Huffington Post, CNN, etc. as he provides the best budget advice out there. He is the best travel bloggers in the world.

Est. Earning: More than 50,000 USD per month

2. Johnny Ward 


Johnny Ward of

Johnny Ward is the big name in travel blogging, he is a big dreamer started his journey 10 years back when he had nothing to start with. He traveled a lot for the money and started on a blog as he traveled.

He made over one Million dollars from travel blogging and now he is financially free. He has traveled every single country on the planet.

Now he teaches people how to ‘Dream Big. Travel Far. Live Full’. He is the best travel blogger in the world.

Est. Earning: $20,000 to $25,000 p/m

3. Dave & Deb

Website: The Planet D

Dave & Deb of The Planet D

Planet D is one of the top 10 influencers in the world according to Forbes. Dave and Deb is the founder of ‘The Planet D’, they started their journey 10 years back when they left their job and sold everything they owned and struck out on an adventure that not only changed their lives but also inspired others.

the planet is a two-time winner of SATW’s (Society of American Travel Writer’s) Lowell Thomas Awards Travel Blog of the Year.

Dave and Deb are the most influencer couple on the earth, their journey inspires a lot to the travelers. They have traveled to 115 countries on all 7 continents together and learned a lot along the way.

And, they are fortunate enough to partner with more than 100 brands and destinations. They are most influencer travel bloggers in the world.

Est. Earning: $15,000 to $20,000 per month

4. Earl


Earl of

Derek Earl is the truly travel lover as he has been traveling since 1999, nonstop. He has visited over 116 countries around the world. He has now been over 18 years of nonstop travel or 6700 days on the road.

Earl has visited 30 times to India and even acted in a Bollywood television show once.

He was kidnapped by inexperienced kidnappers for three days while he traveling to Bangladesh.

Now he works online while traveling, running his own blog and an awesome small-group tour company that he started back in 2012, Wandering Earl Tours.

Est. Earning: $12,000 per month

5. Monica

Website: The Travel Hack

Monica of The Travel Hack

Monica is the British travel blogger, her blog ‘The Travel Hack’ is one of the leading travel blogs of UK. She started travel blogging in 2009 when she left the UK to travel for two years.

Her blog ‘The Travel Hack’ is all about weekends breaks and affordable adventures. She loves to exploring new countries and cultures, getting involved in exciting activities and generally having fun.

She’s been running this blog for 10 years. Around 150,000 monthly readers are regularly visiting and follow her tips.

Est. Earning: $10,000 per month

6. Nick & Dariece

Website: Goats On The Road

Nick & Dariece Goats On The Road

Nick & Dariece is the couple from Canada who has been traveling for 8 years. They are just normal couple before traveling and started this blog, live a normal life with limited facilities.

They have begun their journey 8 years back and started to learn about travel blogging. Now their blog ‘Goats on the Road’ earns in six figures each year from blogging tips, courses, and the jobs stem from it.

They are the best couple travel bloggers aim to inspire and help others (you!) to start one too.

Est. Earning: $10,000 to $12,000 per month

7. Sharon

Website: Where’s Sharon Family Travel Blog

Sharon of Where’s Sharon Family Travel Blog

Sharon is the founder of ‘Where’s Sharon’ a family travel blog. Where’s Sharon is the top family travel blog to help you plan the best trip possible for you and your kids.

In this blog, you can find the information such as Where to Go, Destination Guides, packing lists and buying guides for the best gear. This blog helps you travel smarter, cheaper and better with kids!

She traveled to 83 countries in the world. She grew up in Hobart, currently based in Melbourne since 2000.

She traveled many long destinations at the age of twenty. She is a big planner and love organizing travel, talking about travel, writing about travel, really anything to do with travel at all.

She is one of the top family travel bloggers.  I believe her tips will inspire you a lot.

Est. Earning: $10,000 per month

8. Milou


Milou of

Milou is one of the best travel bloggers helps women to build careers and independent lives. She is also a founder of the Female Digital Nomads Facebook community.

She shared travel adventures and a lot of business advice in her blogs. She is from Netherland, born in Breda near to the Belgian border.

She has visited almost 38 countries across the world. Her tips will inspire every single woman who loves to travel and want to build her career in travel blogging and entrepreneurship.

Est. Earning: $10,000 per month

9. Jon & Kach

Website: Two Monkeys Travel Group

Jon & Kach of Two Monkeys Travel Group

Katch and Jonathan are a married couple. They started their blog ‘Two Monkeys Travel’ to share their experience and knowledge of traveling the world since 2013.

Prior to traveling Jonathan was on a budget motorbike trip around Asia, while Kach was backpacking with her brother and sister.

They have studied to become yoga teachers and Ayurveda massage therapists from India. They’ve traveled to over 100 (as of December 2017) and all the 7 continents together.

They have a unique travel style such as a blend of luxury and adventure-seeking out the most incredible experiences on foot, mountain bike, motorbike, up mountains, through rivers and out of aeroplanes, before arriving at a luxury hotel, to be soothed back to life with a spa, a massage and some fine food!

If you want to travel a luxury and adventure life then this is the right blog for you.

Est. Earning: $10,000 to $15,000 p/m

10. James

Website: Mantripping

James of Mantripping

James is the best travel blogger for Men’s. He started his blog ‘Mantripping’ in 2018 which is one of the best Men’s lifestyle blog.

James lifestyle reflected in his travel guides as a man who loves to travel, explore new places, taste new cocktails, and eat new foods with his best friends.

ManTripping is one of the most respected blogs that cover a range of Men’s Lifestyle and Travel topics. He has worked with a variety of organizations ranging from men’s health to fashion brands as well as tourism destinations around the world.

Est. Earning: $4000 to $6000 per month

11. Tim Leffel

Website: Cheapest Destinations Blog

Tim Leffel is the travel writerTim Leffel is the travel writer, author, and editor. He is the author of The World’s Cheapest Destinations — currently in its fourth edition — and the Travelers’ Tales title Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune: The Contrarian Traveler’s Guide to Getting More for Less. He is also a co-author of Traveler’s Tool Kit: Mexico and Central America and author of Travel Writing 2.0. His best-selling book lately is A Better Life for Half the Price – a guide to how to cut your expenses in half by living abroad. 

Tim has traveled the globe 3 times and share the experiences in his travel guides. 

He is also an editor of the narrative web publication Perceptive Travel, which is known for publishing the best travel stories on the web. He is an award-winning travel writer in a variety of print and web publications. He is one of the best travel bloggers on the web. 

Est. Earning:$6500 to $9000 p/m

12. Brett

Website: Green Global Travel 

BRET & MARYBrett is the founder of Green Global Travel, an award-winning travel blog. Brett and his wife Marry both started their journey from Hawaii’s Island in 2009. 

Brett has started his blog Green Global Travel in the jungle of Costa Rica’s Tortuguero National Park in 2010. GGT is an ecotourism blog about the beauty of nature and wonder of wildlife that helped lead blogger-driven initiatives that raised more than $20,000 for Elephant conservation in Thailand and Rhino conservation in southern Africa. 

Brett has interviewed icons such as Jane Goodall, Jean-Michele Cousteau, and Erin Brockovich: They are the legends who inspired us, and who lead the charge towards a greener world. Brett is one of the best wildlife travel bloggers in the world. 

Est. Earning:$5000 to $7000 per month

13. Yoshke & Vins

Website: The Poor Traveler

Yoshke and Vins are young travel bloggers.Yoshke and Vins are young travel bloggers. Over the last eight years, The Poor Traveler has emerged as one of the biggest travel blogs in the world in terms of traffic and social media presence.

Yosh is our chief writer, marketer, and dreamer while Vins is our resident SEO master. 

Yoshke has won 3 PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARDS and received 9 nominations. You can learn more about his personal journeys at

The Poor Traveler is one of the largest travel blog community on Facebook and other social media channels that thing makes them top travel bloggers among others.

Awards: The Poor Traveler has ranked #1 at 10 best budget travel blog on USA Today. Rank #1 on best travel blog in Asia on Go Desti. And, Rank #7 on top travel blog(Global) on The Expeditioner 

Est. Earning:$4000 to $6000 per month

14. Kristin Addis

Website: Be My Travel Muse

Kristin AddisShe is an award-winning solo female traveler. More than 200,000 subscribers joined and follow her travel tips. Kristin is from South California. She is traveling around the globe nonstop since September 2012. 

Kristin is the founder and main author and photographer of She has traveled to over fifty-five countries on nearly every continent, hiking, hitchhiking, and solo traveling each time. 

She has 120,000 followers on Instagram. She is passionate about women empowerment and encouraging them to put their fears aside and see the world! She organizes group adventure trips where she invites small groups of women to join her to explore the new part of the world. Past tours included Alaska, Botswana, Namibia, Patagonia, and Peru. 

Her next trips are in Galapagos in 2019 and Patagonia in 2020! Are you coming? You can join her BMTM women’s adventure group trip and explore the new world. 

Est. Earning: $4000 to $5000 per month

15. Jacob & Esther

Website: Local Adventurer

Esther and JacobEsther and Jacob have started Local adventure when they started traveling across the country. They have decided to focus on exploring locally or in our greater backyard, and most recently Local Adventurer was named one of the Top 5 Travel Blogs in the US and World. 

They are currently living in Las Vegas together. Esther favorite city is ‘San Diego’ and Favorite Local Adventure is Climbing at Kraft Boulders while Jacob favorite cities are Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands. Esther started sharing travel adventures on her wedding website since 2010, and in 2013, it became an outlet. 

Where Jacob used to be a full-time YouTuber. He also created a kid’s, Puppet Show. But currently, he is working on Local Adventure.  

Esther and Jacob aim to explore a new city every year. Her blog was named one of the Top 5 travel blogs in the US. They are one of the best travel bloggers in the world. 

Est. Earning: $6000 per month

I hope you have enjoyed the journey of these travel bloggers but this is not the end, we are expanding this list more so don’t forget to visit us again.

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