Why the US Midterm Elections are so important for Democrats and Republicans

Come Nov 6th, 2018 and the midterm US elections will decide the future path!

donald trump US midterm Elections
Donald Trump. Photo Source: Pexels.com

Barely 3 weeks ahead of the US midterm elections, where 1/3rd of the Senate and the entire House of Representatives go on poll, we are yet to ascertain what the rules would look like… Generally, midterm elections act as a vent to express disapproval for things that the President has done or not done. This time the scenario is quite different though…

A fight to finish US Midterm Elections

Post-election Trump has met with severe criticism for his policies as well as his Presidency. We have witnessed some of the largest demonstrations over the past 2 years. Democrats are vying to take back the house and have strategized their candidates accordingly. #Metoo and Trump’s boasting about sexual molestation is still fresh in people’s memory. Therefore, Democrats are leaving no stone unturned to cash-in on the opportunity by fielding in record number of female candidates for both Senate and the House. Interestingly, 20% women candidates are below 40 and 1/3rd are colored.

At the same time, voter’s enthusiasm is on a high. While Trump may not be a great human being, he is doing a fantastic job. Tax cuts, deregulation, the economy suggest that Trump has been doing his job right.

The Math for US Midterm Elections

As Trump is halfway through his presidential tenure, the midterm elections will decide the future of Trump’s ability to govern in the days to come based on the voting in 2 chambers.

Currently, only 9 Senate seats out of 35 are with the Republicans, while 26 are with the Democrats. This includes 2 independent allied seats. Out of the total seats in the US Senate, 51 seats are held by the Republicans, 47 by Democrats and 2 independents. So, to be able to change the composition of the House, they need to retain 100% of their seats and also get 2 additional seats from the Republicans, which is easier said than done. This is because of the 47 seats, 10 seats are from the States where Trump won the election of 2016. Talking of the lower chamber of Congress, Democrats need 20 seats to be in charge of the House of Representatives.

Trump has been quite vocal about Russia trying to intervene in  the midterm election and push against him because of his tough stand against Russia. Trump has voiced his concerns over Russia in several of his tweets. 

The Democrat headed Congress will want to reverse several of Trump’s key decisions including that of infamous Mexico wall funding, tax cuts initiated by Trump and repealing of Obamacare.

Most importantly, the Democrats would want to hold the Committee seats so that it would enable them to investigate and scrutinize Trump administration.

But that’s not all…if the Democrats manage to get the required seat and be in charge of the House, it is pretty clear that they may want to proceed with the articles of impeachment to oust the Trump from his office!

Come Nov 6th 2018 and the midterm US elections will decide the future path!

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