Trump Impeachment Likely to be Certain following Mueller Investigation

mueller investigation trump accused $6.7M dollar
mueller investigation trump accused $6.7M dollar Mr. Cohen said.

On March 11, 2019, US Democrats have planned to release a Mueller investigation against President Trump. According to some reporters, the Mueller investigation could create a nuisance for the government as it can demand documents related to present government and Trump’s real estate.

While speaking in relation to the proceedings, Trump tweeted through social media that, Democrats are harassing the President of the United States. He also barged against the media and called it corrupt which is creating hurdles for the present government. As per the proceedings planned by the Democrats, they have planned to question near about 60 people, including personnel from the White House and Department of Justice.

While making a public statement in an interview to ABC News This Week, Jerry Nadler stated that Democrats are asking for papers so that they can make citizens of the US aware of the corruption of the present government. At present, Democrats have also accused Trump of providing help in the meddling of Russian elections. 

At present, Trump is also very shocked and stressed as one of his ex-lawyers had made a few accusations against him. Referring to Michael Cohen and Democrats, the President of the US said in a tweet that he is innocent. He also blamed the opposition for fabricating things against him which would help them in defaming the present government. 

On March 2, 2019, President Trump also took charge against Mueller and accused him of presenting lies in front of the citizens of America. Furthermore, Trump also had to provide his side of the story when he was accused of spying on Hillary Clinton’s emails and while firing James Comey back in 2017. Back then Mr. Comey was working as a director of FBI.

Though Mueller investigation hasn’t provided any impeccable evidence regarding Trump’s involvement with the Russians, he has provided a wide range of clues which will be showcased to Attorney William Barr. Contrary to this, Republicans have started accusing Democrats and Mueller in fabricating lies against the president to the greatest extent. 

To make the situation worse for the Trump government, Mr. Cohen has accused the President of the US of providing him an offering of $35,000 to infringe the campaign regarding the financial laws. The statement by Mr. Cohen has further escalated problems for the Trump government.

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