Trump Strengthens his Argument for Border Wall by Citing Murder of Indian Origin Cop

Trump strengthen on Citing Murder of Indian Origin Cop
Trump got strengthen after murder of Indian origin cop Source by google images.

President Trump’s case for a border wall just got stronger with a California based police officer being killed by an illegal Mexican immigrant at a traffic stop soon after Christmas. Citing the incident President Trump remarked that without the border wall no American was safe in the country and therefore, felt that the cost for building the wall was justified in the truest sense.

President Donald Trump is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that Democrats agree to his proposal for use of $5.7 billion needed to fund the border wall construction. Addressing the nation from the Oval Office the President referred to the incident where a 33-year-old police officer of Indian origin named Corporal Ronil ‘Ron’ Singh based in California was fatally shot at by an illegal immigrant, Gustavo Perez Arriaga in a traffic stop just after the end of Christmas. He remarked in his address on the cold-blooded manner in which the life of the heroic police officer was snatched by the immigrant who was not even legally entitled to be there. The death of the police officer was nothing short of brutal murder and every American’s heart broke on hearing the death, he said. Several other examples of such crimes were given by the President to make his point very clear. 

Trump felt that the border situation was snowballing into a huge crisis that would hurt an innumerable number of Americans and felt that the border wall with Mexico was the best way to ensure the safety of the nation and prevent illegal immigration.

President Trump reiterated again that this crisis struck deep down at every American’s heart and soul. He further continued that the country was facing a security and humanitarian crisis of huge proportions at the border on their South. He stressed on the sole reason for the partial shutdown by the federal government and that was getting the Democrats to agree to the funding of the security wall on the country’s southern border. The shutdown had led to the furlough of thousands of federal workers or made them work without pay since 22nd December.  

President Trump was so determined to get the border wall built that he had not stopped at even thinking about announcing a state of emergency in the region near the border. The resulting powers would have enabled him to sidestep the Congress which hitherto was not agreeable to funding the border wall construction with money drawn from the military corps. Trump stated that he wanted people of merit to come and stay within the country lawfully and not enter illegally. Illegal immigration had to be stopped at all costs.

The previous week, Trump had got in touch with the widow of the slain police officer, Anamika Chand-Singh as well as his colleagues at the Police Department at Newman. While speaking with them and offering his condolences on Thursday he was all praise for Corporal Ronil Singh. 

Meanwhile, Gustavo Perez Arriaga has been taken into custody from a Kern County home in California.  

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