Cesare Catania Makes a Mark on the Cannes Film Festival Scene


A special dinner hosted in the honor of Cesare Catania on the 14th May 2018 at French Riviera for the Cannes Film Festival Period

The French Riviera rooted for the Italian artist, Cesare Catania to grace its Film Festival period. Catania who was a hit at the Grimaldi Forum Exhibition in Monaco just about ten days earlier will liven up one of the glittering evenings on the French Riviera for the Cannes Film Festival period.

Invitees were privileged to view one of his works in acrylic and silicone at the special dinner hosted in his honor on the 14th May 2018. The rooftop dinner at the Radisson Hotel was an event to remember for the ambiance, the celebrity guest and the holding of a lucky draw. The winning prize taken by the lucky person was a 450 page, limited edition numbered copy of a book titled ‘Genesis’ which chronicles the artist’s journey to stardom.   

Versatility Knows No Bounds

Cesare Catania’s accomplishments do not rest at being a sculptor and painter alone. Cesare is a gifted pianist, a mathematician, an ace videographer and photographer and a qualified structural engineer who backed by an MBA degree heads his Civil Engineering Company. The company is responsible for the supply of varied structural materials required for many important projects undertaken in the country. A beautiful intertwining of all these attributes is what makes for Cesare Catania’s personality.

Explosion of Creativity

It will not be wrong to say that Cesar Catania in part seems to have inherited the legacy of creativity from his father and grandfather who were an accomplished entrepreneur and famous violinist respectively. The urge to explore all facets of creative expression led Cesare Catania to try his hand at various arts and excel at them. His sculptures and paintings are a perfect blend of the unreal, conceptual, informal, cubist, hyperrealistic art with great amounts of original creativity thrown in for creating a unique effect which can rightly be termed as ‘Catanianism’.

Source of Inspiration of Cesare Catania

According to Catania, the source of inspiration for him lies in the daily interactions he has with people or everyday events. They generate in him an ocean of emotions which get reflected into his work. It’s no wonder that his work often leaves some sort of a message to humanity. For the vivid hues that are a part of his signature style, he attributes them to the atelier he has on the seafront in Sicily. The vibrant yellows, blues, reds, and greens are picked up from the muted shades of the local flora, the glistening images from the Mediterranean Sea and the shimmering bright Southern sun.

He prefers living in his studio-cum- home in Milan as that is the place where he can immediately address an idea that may strike him, even if it is at the middle of the night.

Privileged yet so, Grounded   

Cesar Catania is a rich man yet he is extremely humane and grounded. The price for his work starts in the range of 50,000 plus euros and copies which are limited in number are also pegged at thousands of euros. But for such a rich man he is extremely grounded and knows his responsibility. He contributes towards charitable causes like for the African children or NGOs such as ‘Doctors without Borders’.  

The author in him compelled him to compile a 450-page book that gives an insight into his life, his inspiration and what has made him the man he is today. 

Cesar Catania, is a ‘genius’ in the true sense; a la modern Leonardo Da Vinci!


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