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If you want to write for NEWSBLARE | Magazine, please send your news tips or articles at [email protected]. Our Editorial team will review your article and respond you fast within 3 working days.

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Go through our editorial guidelines, there will be a high chance of being acceptance of your article if you follow our terms and guidelines. Thank you!!

Editorial Guidelines:

  • Voice, tone, and style: an article should have a clear voice tone, easy to read and simple writing style.
  • Word count and formatting requirements: An article should contain at least 600 words for being accepted. Use proper headlines, bullet points, numeric list, and bold keywords.
  • Topics your blog covers and examples of popular posts: An article should be based on the topics we cover in our magazine. Read our latest articles about your area of expertise in order to better understanding.
  • Quality expectations: An article should be well-researched, qualitative and not published before anywhere else.
  • Images and media expectations: Use only high-quality, Copyrighted and Free for license images. For example Pexels.com, Pixabay.com, and Google free for commercial use.
  • Links and author bio: You can link to your blog pages and high authority source page. Don’t use unnecessary links until it is not required. You can also send us your website link for author bio.
  • Whom to contact: Submit your complete article by google doc or attached your article with an author bio and send it to [email protected]

There are two ways to write for Newsblare whether you want to be a contributor or want to write news based articles. If you are a news-savvy and can deliver high-quality news on daily basis then you can join our platform and earn money. Yes, this is a paid job opportunity you can write for our magazine whereas contributor is another thing which is not a paid job but we can allow you to add your blog page with do follow links in your article. You can link to relevant blog pages in the articles. This opportunity not available to regular writers as they are getting money in replacement of this opportunity.

Therefore, the “choice is yours”. What you want to be? And How to write for NewsblareContributor or Regular writer?