Why is the threat of whale extinction a concern for humans?

The cause of fear is human actions, plastic waste, loss of prey, climate change, and collision with ships.

Extinction of Whales
Extinction of Whales. Image Source: Pexels.com

Many scientists and conservationists from over 40 countries need global action to protect whales, dolphins, and porpoises from their discontent. According to scientists and conservationists, more than half of all species are of conservation concern. They are about to expire soon if they will not conserve well.

Due to the lack of proper action polluted and over-exploited seas, this means that many species will perish within our lifetime. Large iconic whales are not safe. It is the right time to realize that whales are now in their time of danger. This is a powerful time of action that is needed.

It is the duty of regulators, scientists, politicians, and the public to save our water bodies.

Growing threats

The green slogan began in the 1980s, in a movement that helps curb commercial sales of whales.

The cause of fear is human actions, plastic waste, loss of prey, climate change, and collision with ships. The reason is also fishing equipment, they accidentally capture fishing equipment and nets which kills about 3,000,000 whales, dolphins, etc.

Scientists worry that they are getting close to their end. We need to act now to save these creatures in the future. There is a decline in the number of whales in the North Atlantic, with only a few hundred whales remaining in the Atlantic which is really a concern.
Even the number of dolphins is falling day by day. These are also near thirteen extinctions.
It may fall, but the right action is needed.

According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, scientists have raised this issue globally.
The government needs to develop funds and implement necessary actions to protect them from extinction.

According to scientists, more than 90 species of whales and dolphins are under conservation. If the right action is not taken, they will be over soon. We need to monitor them and take further action to protect them. Many water animal species died due to fishing, getting entangled in fishing nets is the terrible side of dying. With broken teeth, some animals survive or even bite or lose their children.

Scientists and conservationists are raising awareness about the fears faced by whales and dolphins. The international whaling commission has an important mission to protect water bodies. Therefore, proper steps to protect them are helpful and what else can we do to stop them so that we need to find more ways to protect them.

Think today tomorrow will be too late!

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